Stiga Snowracer ultimate Pro
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Snow Racer Supreme is top of the line! The new Curve Ski System, combined with a shock absorber supporting the driving ski, makes handling of the Snow Racer outstanding! Effortlessly glide down the hill at high speeds in full control with the Stiga Snowracer Curve Ultimate Pro Snow Sled! Featuring Stigas new front ski, the Curve is designed to fly faster on the snow and is easier to maneuver. The twin-tip front ski and rear skis allow riders to remain stable and ride backwards down the hill! The durable steel sled includes a high tensile braking system with a two-component steering wheel, so riders can effortlessly navigate the hills. Dominate the competition with the Stiga Snowracer Curve Force Snow Sled!

Equipment: Shock Absorber, Automatic Winder, Steering Spring, Brake, Steering wheel with grip zones, Curve Ski System (Carving shaped, twin-tip front ski and twin-tip rear skies)

Colour & Material:
Frame: Steel tubes/white
Brake: High-tensile steel/black
Seat: HD Polyethene/black
Skis: HD Polyethene/black
Steering wheel: PEMD/white, TPE/black
Other facts
CE-mark: Yes
Stiga Item Number: 73-2511-10
Size: 33.5"L x 17"W x 18"H   Weight: 16lbs

  • Snowracer Curve Snow Sled Features a Unique Design for Improved Steering and Stability
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 3 and Up / Tested at 110 lbs. - Stiga Does Not Publish Official Weight Limit
  • Features a Two-Component Red Steering Wheel with Steering Spring - Wheel Includes Non-Slip Grips for Added Safety When Steering
  • These high tech Stiga sleds are built on over 50 years of experience on the snow!
    The Snowracer Supreme is the top of Stiga's new 2010 winter line! Featuring the new "Curve Ski System" with a shock absorber supporting the steering ski. The handling on this Snow Racer is outstanding!

    Front Ski Curve: Stiga has improved the steering capacity of the snowracer with a new front ski. When you turn, the curved shape of the ski flies faster on the snow compared to a straight ski, and it is easier to maneuver. The new front ski also has a “twin tip” that allows you to go backwards down the hill. Enjoy the superb performance of the snowracer.

    Rear Ski L/R 2-Tip: The new “twin tip” shape of the ski gives you the possibility to go backwards, and three extra fins in the rear gives improved stability at high speeds. The calibration between the new front ski and new rear skis gives you outstanding control when the speed is increased. This makes the snowracer more flexible than ever.
    Steering Wheel Grip Z:    Two-component steering wheel. The grip zone comprised of nonslip material provides safety as you race down the hill, always ready to steer your racer!
    Seat Drop: Newly designed seat.
    *Automatic winder - The winder releases the tow rope when you pull the sled up the hill, and when your sled gets to the top, it rewinds the rope back out of the way to sled down the hill.



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