Stiga Snowracer ultimate Pro
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This is the Pro version which has the convenient automatic winder tow rope which the regular classic does not include.

The Classic Snow Racer. Equipped with a safety wheel, a robust frame, non-locking brakes and a steering spring that makes the Snow Racer turn away and stop if you happen to fall.

Standard safety steering wheel, Standard seat, Brake, Steering spring
Colour & Material:
Frame: Steel tubes/black
Brake: High tensile steel/black
Seat: HD Polyethene/black
Skis: HD Polyethene/black
Steering wheel: HD Polyethene/black
Other facts: Dimensions: 48in L x 20.25in W x 14in H, weight: 14 pounds
CE-mark: Yes
Stiga Item Number: 73-4112-15

Recommended Ages: Ages 3 and Up / Tested at 110 lbs. - Stiga Does Not Publish Official Weight Limit.

Tubular Steel Frame Construction with Durable Polyethylene Skis Includes a Safety Steering Wheel with a Steering Spring to Effortlessly Navigate Down the Hill Feature a High Tensile Brake System with Dual Action Foot and Knee Brake / Ski Stopper Makes the Turn and Stops the Snowracer by Itself if Rider Falls Off. Built strong for years of winter fun, the Stiga Snowracer Classic Snow Sled features a stable, rugged steel construction with 3 durable skis.

The Classic PRO Sled includes a safety steering wheel and a dual action hand and foot brake, so riders can safely navigate down the hill. Stigas unique ski stopper system causes the Snowracer to stop if the rider falls off. Safely master the hills this winter with the Stiga Snowracer Classic Snow Sled!

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