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Snow Racer Shipping Included

Snowracer King

The King of the Hill - the Stiga Snow Racer has grown! Increased length, lengthened steering column, and a higher sitting position enables adults to join the younger generation on the slopes. Simultaneously!Stiga Snowracer Kingsize

SNOW RACER KING SIZE          $232.99

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Snowracer Ultimate Pro

Zip down the hill in furious speed, controlled by the fantastic Curve Ski System. Ultimate PRO is designed for speed- and action-lovers. Stiga Snowracer Utlimate Pro



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Stiga Snow Kick

Just arrived from Sweden! A scooter for the snow! The latest winter time sensation! Choose between Red, Black and Lime Colors! Foldable and adjustable in three different heights.

  • Steering handlebar with non-stick grips
  • Frame: Steel/aluminum/red
  • Skis: HD Polyethylene/black

Made of lightweight steel and aluminum construction. Skis made of High Density Polyethylene. Rider weight 50kgs (110lbs). Do not hesitate. Last year, these were sold out by Thanksgiving! These are available for purchase at our main website www.tablehockey.net. Click the "Buy Now" button to be taken there now!

Stiga Snow Kick     $81.99


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Snowracer Supreme GT

Snow Racer Supreme is top of the line! The new Curve Ski System, combined with a shock absorber supporting the driving ski, makes handling of the Snow Racer outstanding!

Stiga Snowracer Supreme GT



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Snowracer Royal

Speed, handling, good looks, functionality and high quality -- Snow Racer Royal has it all! This will take your race to whole new level!Stiga Snowracer Royal

SNOW RACER ROYAL              $159.99

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Snowracer SX Pro X-treme

Zip down the hill in furious speed, controlled by the fantastic Curve Ski System. SX PRO is designed for extreme speed–and action-lovers. Snowracer X-treme takes the steering and maneuverability of the Snowracer to another level. Equipped with handlebar, and handles in non slip material. The bar of the handlebar is covered with protective foam. Curve Ski System and a robust frame in black color. PRO model has an automatic winder which makes it more comfortable to pull the Snowracer.Stiga Snowracer SX Pro

SNOW RACER SX PRO     $234.99


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Snowracer FSR

The last argument for not bringing the snow racer is lost. Our foldable snow racer can easily be transported in the smallest of cars or be stored in the tiniest closet. From extremely compact to ready-to-go in seconds. Without tools! Stiga Snowracer FSR

SNOW RACER FSR      $209.99

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Snowracer Force

The new generation of Snow Racer is here! Snow Racer Force has the same robust frame as before with the addition of a new Curve Ski System, new steering wheel and seat. Racing down the slope in high speed with improved steering makes the ride fantastic!Stiga Snowracer Force

SNOW RACER FORCE                $159.99

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STIGA toboggans and sleds are designed so that children will be able to enjoy the most possible fun in the snow under safe conditions. One requirement for this is that the toboggan or sled is used In the right way:

  • Always use a helmet.
  • The hill should not contain trees, stones or other obstacles.
  • The hill should never cross or end on a pathway or road.
  • Avoid hills that are too steep.
  • Bear in mind that high speed and hard and Icy surfaces Impair steering and braking ability.
  • Do not use the product on slopes which are intended for downhill skiing such as slalom Skiing, downhill racing, etc.
  • Keep feet and hands to the supports provided.
  • Check that the pulling chord does not drag outside of the sledge.
  • Do not ride with loose hanging clothes, e.g. scarf, think about the risk of choking.
  • Keep the Instruction In case of complaint.
  • The Snow Racer is above all intended for children over the age of 7.
  • Smaller children can be pulled on the toboggan In areas free from other traffic, or ride on very small slopes.


We at STIGA keep a sharp focus on security and environment during the long time we taken to develop our products.
The result is we got our Snow racers® validated by German TÜV (one of they strongest international quality organizations that checks production and products with considerations of security, environment and people). So when you choose a STIGA Snow racer® for the slope you can be assured that you have a race kit with stable and robust structure. Designed for maximum safety, our snow racers includes a Ski Stop System, which forces the Snow racer to stop if you tumble off. Moreover, everyone has Snowracers® security steering wheel and double action knee and foot brake.

* Due to size and weight, we can only ship snow racers within the USA. Alaska and Hawaii residents will pay additional shipping fees. Please contact us for rates before ordering.